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#1 2018-12-01 23:56:00

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Z12, Zetas founder severed head made up as a female.

CDN killed Zetas founder, Luis Reyes Enríquez alias "El Rex or Z-12. This occurred shortly after he arrived at the Nuevo Laredo prison.  Nuevo Laredo is a strong hold of CDN.  They then stole the body from a funeral parlor, after being released to the family from SEFEMO.
Family members are reported to have been at the funeral parlor when the body snatching occurred.
Next they dismembered the corpse and spread the body parts at three prisons, with cartulina messages and leaving the decapitated head at the side of a church.  The final atrocity is a vile slide show video released by CDN [Cartel del Noreste], depicting his dead body, later in the slide show his decapitated head is on display in a foam chest, with his head in full make up and a ladies pinkish headband.

At the bottom of the article is a embeded video on Twitter, one of the images shows a bloke with his dick out near the dead mans mouth.

Source … nd+Beat%29

Do you make those videos entirely from scratch?!  If so, you, sir, are a fucking genius.


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